Inbound Github webhooks in Free version: Possible?

Asking Github to webhook on a push to MM, following these instructions: Incoming Webhooks — Mattermost 5.33 documentation

  • Does not work. Results in HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed.
  • Possibly MM wants Github to be sending a secret key? There is no option to generate in the (free) System Console.
  • Free version on website claims to include “unlimited integrations”, but…
  • The advertised Github integrations in the above link leads to a Github link that is for Enterprise only.

Question: Can a vanilla-Git hook be made to work in free version?


Travail no more! The proper instructions are at mattermost-plugin-github/ at master · mattermost/mattermost-plugin-github · GitHub

(not sure if there are other and/or non-Enterprise workarounds…)


I am at the end of my travails!

“.… We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
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Ya…first i was being ignorant (of MM functionality in this area) so i tried to roll my own with hooks and such. second, i was being lazy (because the OAuth stuff is a lot more clickety-click and my tiny brain can only hold so many…)

This stuff works (as I am sure you will be shocked to hear, lol) because i was able to rather easily set up an integration between Zapier and MM using OAuth. I assume (<== yikes, there’s that word…) that it will work for Github, but for present purposes I am in good shape!