Incoming Webhook = 404 error

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After creating an Incoming Webhook, when accessing the link - Mattermost is returning a 404 error. This was happening with Mattermost 3.2.0 and now 3.3.0

Steps to reproduce

Go into a Team, create an Incoming Webhook. Cut and paste the URL into another browser and you get a 404 page not found from the Mattermost web services.

Expected behavior

Should return something different other than 404

Observed behavior

Returns a 404 error - also with debugging turned on in the logs, all I get is this:
[2016/08/16 17:25:40 MDT] [DEBG] /hooks/pdec6db6n3yf3m93ux6hn4uzue
[2016/08/16 17:25:40 MDT] [DEBG] /api/v3/users/initial_load

Hi @Wintrmte,

By pasting the webhook URL into your browser you’re causing an HTTP GET request to be sent to Mattermost when requests to webhook URLs must be HTTP POSTs. That’s why you’re seeing the 404.

Please see our incoming webhook documentation for examples on how to use our incoming webhooks.