Integration with HumHub social network kit

Hi all,
I’m new here & sorry if this question / feature idea has been asked / requested before.

Are there any plan to make integration with HumHub social network kit ( ?

In easy word, it would be HumHub as social networking engine & Mattermost as communication / chat engine.

Example scenario:

  • User create “Space” in HumHub automatically create “group” in Mattermost & vice versa. (“Space” in HumHub can be understood as “group” in Facebook / chat apps, “topic” in forum site etc).

  • Space member post to space wall will automatically send a message to Mattermost group & vice versa.


Hi @primantok, we currently don’t have any plans to add HumHub integration. I’d encourage you to submit a feature idea on our feature idea forum so the community can up vote.