Introducing Circles (Group of Members) in Mattermost

Managing channels and adding members can be improved by introducing so-called circles.

Circles allows the administrator of Mattermost to create their own groups of user/member. This feature could be used to reflect the responsibilities and communication strategy of an organisation. Those groups of members (or ‘circles’) can then be used to add them to a channel. This will improve the maintenance of configuration of channels as you don’t have to add single members to a channel.

In addition it would be valuable to have the possibility to inform circles in a channel by writing @circle-name in a chat window.


Great idea, especially to allow to mention a group of people with an @ mention.
I use Mattermost as a communication tools for different organisations, and sometimes it could be great to mention all @sysadmin or @boardmembers people.

Agree, great idea @mariocup!

Please take a look on our Feature Suggestion Forum where you’ll be able to search for similar ideas and up-vote them or, create your own suggestion for others to up-vote. The more popular a feature suggestion becomes, the more chance it has of getting onto the roadmap.

This would be a very helpful feature! we are looking for something like this, to be able to create groups of users and be able to add particular group users to a newly created channel with a @mention of group

There is any update on this feature so far?