iOS: Channels on mobile devices not sorted alphabetically

I have created 13 channels. On my iMac they are displayed in alphabetical order. But on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) this order is not alphabetical, but completely jumbled.

What is the problem?
Who has an explanation or a solution for this?

Hi @tomtom and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

On the desktop apps, you can choose the sorting options and the mobile client will follow what you chose on the desktop.
It takes a refresh of the mobile client though (or a restart of the app, YMMV) to reflect the change.
So on your desktop, please make sure to configure the category sorting based on your liking:


Restart the iOS app then and it should show the same sorting then.

Hi Alexander,

thank you very much for your help and the valuable tip! I am glad that I can now display my channels alphabetically.
Everything else has annoyed me because it does not look structured (for me) … :))

I wish you a happy day

You’re welcome, glad to hear that this works for you now.
I personally do use a combination of the unread filter + sorting for the most recent activity. This leaves me with an empty sidebar (with just the currently active channel available), you might want to give that a try :slight_smile:

That’s certainly a good approach.

However, it depends on what you use the tool for. If it is “only” current activities that are to be erldigt, this is certainly a good approach.

However, we use it differently here …
We are currently working on a new project and have created various channels in which we collect the information together. Then all information about this project can be found structured in the respective channels.

One of these channels is also called “Tasks”. Here are all the tasks that need to be done :slight_smile:

Thank you anyway for the tip, Alexander!
I wish you a happy day.