Multi devices. List of channels don't sync

Hi all,

Have two devices working using the same account.

In one of them add direct message.

This new channel shows in the device you selected but it doesn’t show on the other device. Meaning in one device you have a list of channels, in the other you have a different list of channels.

Right now the only way to fix this is by manually adding the channels to all other devices.

Can we have a mechanism to update the list of channels in all devices? keeping all devices in the same account with the same list of channels?

In my opinion, the list of channels should be stored at the server for each account and synced with all devices when the list of channels is modified.


@RbDev I’m able to repro this with iOS and Mac, can you also help with more details on what devices you are seeing this on?

I’m not sure if this is a new request or something not working well.

I can replicate on browser, iPhone and iPad

@RbDev Opened a ticket here:

@RbDev The channels will update once you actually send or receive a message in that channel.

It could work but its a hacky way of doing it.

There are scenarios where it will fail.

I still believe have the channels as part of the user account would be a better way to implement this.