iOS Photo Taken In Landscape Turns

iOS App 1.31.2

When you take a photo using iOS camera app. You can take it Portrait or Landscape. When added in Mattermost via app from photo library. the photo is added correctly.

When you take a photo directly from Mattermost. Portrait photos are placed correctly but Landscape are placed in the portrait position meaning it is sideways.

Please have a look.


Hello, @RbDev

I just tried to reproduce this on my end using the following environment:

  • Mattermost Server 5.23.0

  • Mattermost iOS mobile app 1.31.2

  • iOS 13.5.1

  • iPhone X

I can confirm that the photo taken was rotated correctly based on the screen shots below:

Maybe you can share the exact steps you performed on your end? Also, can you confirm on the environment you are on as well?