iOS Select Avatar Issues

Hi all,

IOS 1.13

If MM doesnt have permission to photo library and you try to select a new avatar from photo library, nothing happens.

It should prompt to give permission to access photo library and then select a photo.

ALSO Change avatar via iOS doesnt change avatar on the server. iOs client does get updated but nobody else.

Could you have a look.



Hi @RbDev,

Are you on server v5.4?

yes I am. server 5.4

Thanks! I will test this out today.

Hi @RbDev,

I’m not able to reproduce these on the same environment. What build version are you on?

build version? .

@RbDev This can be found in the “About Mattermost” section beside the Mattermost mobile app version.

Build 151.

Why would there be live releases with same version different build?

All live releases have the same version and build, but if you’re registered as a beta tester then you have access to different builds as we work on releases and cut RCs, so I just wanted to make sure you’re on the latest build version. Do you see any error messages or log errors?

I use only live releases.

I dont think there are errors going on.

is there a way to see log error in live apart from send error?

Hi @RbDev,

Does this reproduce on pre-release? How about any other devices or browsers?

Yes I can reproduce in pre-release the permission issue.

I have only iOS devices at hand.

I believe its a mobile plataform issue only.

@RbDev What is the permission error that you see?

Its in the main post

Hi @RbDev, I believe this is required by Android and iOS - if you don’t explicitly grant permissions then the library will not be accessible.

no Amy.

Whenever the app needs permission to the mobile service, it will ask. A dialog box will popup and its up to the user to grant the permission or not.

The avatar selector feature in MM iOS app is not asking for permission.

Dont forget to look into the avatar not updating issue.

Hi @RbDev,

I’m able to reproduce the permission issue, so I will open a ticket for it. For the “avatar not updating” issue, does it eventually update (e.g. after a few minutes), or does it only update after you log out and log back in?

it doesnt look like it.

The user can see his new avatar on his app but no one else using ios app can.

I think browser works ok. probably need to test.

Opened a ticket here:

I’ll also take a look at the “avatar not updating” issue.