Is it safe to change "Allow anyone to join this server"?

We have several teams on our server and had an idea of how they would be used when testing. Now that we’re live, we need to change “Allow anyone to join this team” to false on two of our teams. Is that something we can change live or will it break anything?
I wonder specifically if it will negate outstanding invites or something similar.

Heya lpnc IT,

Thank you for reaching out! I do believe it is safe to change the “Allow anyone to join this team” setting to false, even if your server is live. This change should not break anything.

Please note, however, that changing this setting will only affect future team entries. It means that people will no longer be able to join the team directly and will need an invitation to participate.

Regarding outstanding invites, they won’t be affected by this change. Previously sent invites will remain valid and users can still join your teams by using these invites.

Feel free to explore this setting to tailor your team’s accessibility and manage your workspace more effectively. And don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any additional questions or need further clarifications needed. We’re here to support you!

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~John :medal_military:

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