Is there any limitations on user count Mattermost community version?

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Is there any limit on number of users for Mattermost community version ? Since we faced some issues while adding users to MM instance and it says “there are no teams available” and users got some error somewhat like “You have exceeded user limit , you need to procure licenses” . We tried to increase user limit in config.json from 300 to 500 but still we are not able to add the user to particular channel .
Please advice .

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Just a stupid question : Are you sure you fits the hardware requirement for hosting Mattermost with 500 users ?

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Hi @rohan23, thank you for your question.

There are no user limits on the Mattermost community version, but you may want to check that your Max Users per Team setting is configured high enough to allow that many users. The limit is there so that administrators can scale their system based on hardware requirements.

With that said, it appears you increased the limit, but the user is still facing this issue. If so, are you open to sharing a screenshot of the error that is shown, and we’ll aim to troubleshoot the issue with you?