Issue with BlackBerry Dynamics and secure notification messages in the Mattermost mobile app

Hi everyone, we’re looking for technical help from BlackBerry Dynamics experts as customers using BlackBerry Dynamics are hitting a security-related issue.

A critical requirement for time-sensitive collaboration in a secure environment is the ability to keep notification message payloads private. When users are unable to receive notification messages securely, it delays their ability to react and slows the response of entire organizations.

Notification messages in Mattermost can be encrypted in-transit and encrypted at-rest across web, desktop, and mobile to prevent outside organizations from having access to message contents.

In addition, on mobile—where push notifications to Android and iOS need to pass through message relays from Google or Apple—Mattermost E20 has the ability to send ID-only push notifications so that the third-party relays never see the message contents.

However, when the Mattermost mobile applications on Android or iOS are used with BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry disables the Mattermost mobile app’s ability to execute code when the mobile app is not active. As a result, secure notification messages offered through ID-only push notifications no longer work.

We’re looking to the Mattermost and BlackBerry Dynamics communities to help find a solution to enable secure notification messages using the two products together.

Any help?