Issue with Mattermost Digital Ocean 1-click app


Mattermost Digital Ocean 1-click app not working after setup.

Steps to reproduce

Deploy a new Digital Ocean 1-click droplet for Mattermost and enter the information when asked by the installer.

Expected behavior

Mattermost app should be accessible via the newly configured url

Observed behavior

: nginx error in browser
: error in server: Job for mattermost.service failed because the control process exited with error code

Kindly advise regarding how to remedy this. Also, is it still a good option to use the 1-click app or should i rather set it up from scratch?


Hello, @shrey

Just to make sure that I don’t miss out on any specific points, you followed the steps as mentioned in the tutorial video - ?

Just want to make sure that our guide is not outdated. Thanks.

@ahmaddanial Thanks for your response.

Yes, this is precisely how i went about it.

After the ‘Restarting Mattermost’ step, i see the errors (mainly Nginx related). And subsequently, the url (for the configured application) doesn’t work.

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Can you show us the contents of your Nginx error log? It would greatly help in identifying where there may be issues in the build/documentation steps for deploying in the cloud.

(You can print the contents of the Nginx error log file to console using the command
sudo cat /var/log/nginx/error.log

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