Issue with trying to create a Jira Issue in Mattermost

I am currently trying to set up the Jira plugin for Mattermost and I have been running into an issue with trying to create a Jira Issue or attach a comment to a Jira Issue.
I was able to successfully connect my Mattermost account to my Jira account and I am able to receive notifications from Jira. The error that pops up when I try to create an issue is the following message:

method GET is not allowed, must be POST

I understand what the error is, but I’m not sure quite how to fix it. I tried searching online to see if someone ran into a similar issue, but no luck. If you need more info please let me know.

Hello, @MindlessJoyHazard

I’d like to clarify on a couple of things:

  • Did you configure the plugin according to the official documentation here?
  • Were you hooking up your JIRA Cloud / Server to Mattermost?
  • Is it also happening to other users as well across all projects?
  • Would you mind sharing screen shot of the error?
  • Does it happen even after you clear cache & reload the client?

Just trying to get a better picture on the problem. Thanks.

Hello @ahmaddanial,

  • Yes, I followed the instructions shown here, as well as the install instructions shown within Mattermost.
  • I was hooking up our Jira Server to Mattermost.
  • I have been the only one testing it so I have not had other users try it yet. I did try it in multiple projects with no luck.
  • I’m sorry, I am not allowed to show any screenshots of where we have it set up. I can try my best to give more description if you need me to.
  • I don’t see that option available in the web version of Mattermost.

Hopefully this is helpful. Please let me know if you need more info or more of a description.