Issue with voice calls and screen sharing

I don’t think that this will change anything, looks like a network/firewall/routing/NAT issue, but upgrading is never a bad idea :slight_smile:

Yeah that was another item I was going to try again. going to get with our Iaas provider we use to make sure that ports and routes are correct.

Awesome, let me know - point them to this forum thread if they have questions.

@agriesser Coming back to this issue after a long task. my understanding is from the documentation is I need the server to be on a tls connection at 80, 443 and I need ports 8443 and 8045 upd for the call plugin. 3478 is unnecessary.

@agriesser Im glad to say that this issue is resolved. I am at the current ESR build and after working with our Iaas provider and fixing an issue on their side and our side, our calls function now works.

Awesome, that’s great to hear - thanks for letting us know!