Jenkins Plugin - icon doesnt work

Hello, its my first post here.
Mattermost 5.7.0, internal IP, no domain.

Even though integration with jenkins (same LAN, docker container) does work, i cant set icon/avatar for notifications. I set up icon field in jenkins global settings with jenkins PNG icon. Test message changed from icon=null to icon=’’. I tried to set it manually in pipleline …

mattermostSend icon: '', color: "danger", message: "Some error"

Doesnt work either. Notifications comes with first user name (admin) and icon.

Hi @doman18,

Can you help with a link to the Github project or instructions you used to integrate with Jenkins?

Well it was very simple. Just create incoming Hook in mattermost. Install mattermost plugin in Jenkins. In jenkins generał settings page you will have New section for mattermost. Use the settings you gained in created Hook (URL and token), set the Channel and press Test button. You should get the test message in mattermost.

Hi @doman18, perhaps adjusting this setting might help: