Not able to install Mattermost Jenkins integration plugin

Hello @amy.blais,

I am trying to install the Jenkins plugin in mattermost so that the Mattermost channel receives updates from Jenkins when a build is successful. When trying to install the plugin in mattermost I am getting the following error. Could you please let me know why is it so?

"Encountered an error when extracting the plugin. Review your plugin file content and try again. "

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for using Mattermost!

There are a few plugin options for Jenkins and Mattermost.

  1. Firstly, if you want to get notifications from Jenkins about builds sent to a specific Mattermost channel - you want to install a plugin onto your Jenkins server. This is a plugin for Jenkins - not for Mattermost server. It is located here and has some instructions on the readme:

  2. We are in the process of updating a community built Jenkins integration - it is here: . it replaces the Community version of the plugin by Wasim Thabraze

Which plugin file were you using?

Hello @aaronrothschild

Thank you for the update. I have installed the Mattermost plugin in Jenkins. I am trying to configure it in the way that the update from the Jenkins build is sent to a Mattermost channel. I have created an incoming webhook in Mattermost and have configured this in Jenkins but the test connection is showing as Failure. The Mattermost and Jenkins are hosted on separate servers. Not sure whether we need to make any changes from our end. Thanks in advance.