Kopano Webmeetings plugin unistall issue

I’ve removed Kopano Webmeetings plugin from mattermost and there is a lot of errors is the server log. All messages are the same.

Steps to reproduce
You need to install kopano webmeetings plugin then turn it off and unistall.

Expected behavior
Plugin disappeared, all works as before

Observed behavior
A lot of same errors:

{"timestamp":"2022-03-26 17:43:46.654 +03:00","level":"error","msg":"Access to route for non-existent plugin","caller":"app/plugin_requests.go:37","missing_plugin_id":"kopanowebmeetings","url":"/plugins/kopanowebmeetings/api/v1/config","error":"plugin not found: kopanowebmeetings"}
Issue in one concise sentence

Mattermost 6.3.6, Debian 11, PostgreSQL 12.