LaTeX math equations in iOS App

Dear MM-Team,

Your application is a game changer, and I really appreciate it a lot. I use it in my group for discussions on strategies as well as code development and socializing.

I personally use the MacOS app as well as the iOS app. Since we are in a maths department, I really enjoy the possibility to render maths formulas, using LaTeX coding. However, it appears that this functionality does not work in iOS. Is this a limitation of the OS or is this just not implemented yet.

I’d be very happy if this functionality would work on iOS as flawlessly as on MacOS.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @jovubeliveus, thank you for reaching out.

I did some research and testing and I believe we don’t yet support Latex on mobile.

Would you like to contribute this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a help wanted ticket?

Please include a link back to this Forum issue. If you’re interested in implementing, please say so and we’ll prioritize the review.

Glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying Mattermost so far!

Hi @amy.blais,

Thanks a lot for your quick and constructive reply. I am afraid, that my programming capabilities will not suffice to contribute (I am a fortran programmer…), but I am happy to propagate this issue to the feature idea forum.

Regards, Jörn

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