New Looking MM iOS but why so big fonts?

Hi all,

Its great to see some improvements in the iOS app but dont you think the channel fonts are to big? Its taking a lot space and as a result less channels are displayed.

Its a bit off compared to the message font size when side by side.


Hello, @RbDev

While I am not entire sure if you are referring to the channel drawer, perhaps you can provide some screen shots to illustrate the big font that you were referring to?

I just want to confirm if this is related to the recent update mentioned in the changelog here:

Sidebar UI/UX improvements

  • Improved usability and styling of the channel drawer.

It is difficult because it will contain live data.

But yes, I mean the blue side bar containing a list of channels.

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Hi, @RbDev

Got it. The blue (or other colors depending on the theme) sidebar occupies roughly about 90% of the screen, leaving a small space that separates the WiFi / connection and the battery as we can see here:

Do you have any suggestions? Maybe 50% of the screen space?

The screen size is fine. The issue is the font used on the channel names. They are way to big.


Hey rbdev ,the fonts size can be changed from the back end you just need to go to the settings and make the relevant changes in the fonts size .Apart from that you can check on online sites also there may be some other solution available. But I will say this is the only solution as of now.

this is an iOS MM app issue only and there isn’t a setting for this.

Hello, @RbDev

Got it. I will also bring this up to the Apps team to see if we have any chance of changing this in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, @RbDev.

Just to let you know that I got the feedback from the team. They are working on standardizing the type scale at a global level as part of the UX Toolkit epic which will allow standardization of the font sizes based on the mobile/tablet and web/desktop apps.

The team did recently increase the channel sidebar font-size on mobile/tablet but will revisit this based on some initial feedback.