iOS inapp font size

Hey everyone,

if this question has been asked before, I do apologise. Didn’t find it through a search across the forum.

I enjoy using mattermost up to now, though I’m pretty fresh at this. But I do have a problem as far as the mobile app is concerned.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to increase the inapp font size. I’ve got very bad eyesight, so I really need the text to be larger. Usually I’d go with the accessibility features of the iPhone, yet changing those doesn’t have the slightest impact on the mattermost classic app.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Alex -

Hi @ACK - the Mattermost Classic app uses a webview of Mattermost, so that could be why the accessibility setting doesn’t work.

The newer version of the Mattermost app should support the accessibility font size setting, but it only works with servers v3.10+:

Hi @lfbrock,

Thanks for your quick reply!

Yes, that did solve the problem. Which is great! However, that presents me with another problem: Landscaping. The moment I use the app on my iPad, I’m at a loss again because I would have to read everything at a 90° angle.

Anyone any ideas?

  • Alex