Why was MM iOS v1.15 message menu modified?

Hi all,

I’ve notice the new menu in v1.15.

This new look looks out of place to me. Was iOS version deployed with the wrong style by mistake?

Maybe its just a question of taste but I prefer the original black ballon. Same used in many other iOS apps.

Why was it modified?



Thanks for the feedback @RbDev. The change was made to improve the usability of the menu. It was difficult to page through many options in the ballon menu and it wasn’t flexible enough to support new features. Comparatively if you try Slack you’ll observe a similar menu. Many other products are also tending toward slide up content (Facebook, Instagram etc)on iOS since you can maintain context of the current page while offering a very usable and flexible overlay for additional content.

Note, however, that there is a bug with the iOS implementation where it is missing rounded corners which might affect the Native feel: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-13571

Hi @eric,

I’ve been using MM iOS client on iphone and ipad for quite sometime now. The black menu never bother me. And again it suits more iOS app layout.

The mail app for example, has got many items and users usually have to scroll through to select what they are looking for. And again this was never an issue. Users are ok with this.

I never felt there was a need to change it, I’m sure nobody raised this as an issue and I know there are a lot of more important work to be done on the native app.

I think this was a bad call.


Hello, @RbDev

Having a couple of enterprise level messaging app, I would say that moving towards the the new menu design would allow the features to be more scalable and flexible. As Mattermost continues to grow and introduce new features, it makes more sense to avoid too much clutter to maintain a simplistic design and have users to be able to utilize as much features offered as they can with a simple slide.

Nevertheless, your thoughts on this matter is appreciated. Thanks.