MM Browser File Preview Border (Close, Download, Link) Missing

MM browser used to have a black border around the file preview with close button and download link.

It seems it has been removed in v5.0.0 or is it bugy, not displaying.


Hi @RbDev! Thank you for reporting this.

I’ll ask our UX team or product managers on Monday about whether this change was intentional, or if this is a bug.

Hi @RbDev Do you see the black border with the close button and download link when you move your mouse on the picture?

Hi Amy,

That’s on my ipad so no mouse pointer.

Thanks, created a ticket for this here:

I’ve tested on my iphone and it seems to be working the black border is there.



  1. some previews are to big and they force the black border outside the screen.


  1. videos are not working.


  1. press download doesn’t actually download it.


Now in the iPad isn’t working anymore.

  1. Border doesn’t show up.



Hi @RbDev -

For #1 I created a ticket here:

For the other issues, I’m not able to repro these so I’ll need more information. Are #2 and #3 on mobile view or on iOS?

you can see in the screenshots. all on safari browser.

@RbDev I’ll ask help from our team to test these on iPad.

Something that came to mind is that this could be an issue with missing mime types - there is an old ticket where a recommendation was to install a media player or other browsers on the server which would add the missing mime types and make it work.

It’s working on my iphone but not on my ipad. the setup is exactly the same.

Hi @RbDev - Apologies for the delay, a colleague helped test these issues and filed a ticket after being able to repro all of the bugs: