Load Balancer issue in mattermost


We are currently experiencing an issue with Mattermost Community Version 7.4. After implementing the load balancer, the APIs are functioning correctly using the round-robin concept. However, we are encountering a problem with real-time chat using web sockets. Specifically, when the sender is connected to server one and the receiver is connected to server two, the live messages are not being sent. Instead, the messages are only fetched from the database after reloading the page.

Hi @manzoor77 ,

I’m not sure that this will work in the community edition, since the state synchronization seems to be available only in the enterprise editions:


But I’ve never tried it, so not sure if there are ways to make it work also with the community edition, maybe by redirecting all websockets to the same application instance and using the other just as fall back (and no round robin on that).