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Hi Everybody,
my mattermost server is up and running (3.0.0 (3.0.3)) on Ubuntu 14.04 and I am really blown away how cool this system is. Want to use it as a secure messaging platform for our school (800 students, 80 teachers).
I followed the install guide for ubuntu 14.04. It is pretty straight forward, just one little mistake in the guide, i guess: When configuring postgresql on the same machine as mattermost is running, do not user the IP of the machine in the configs, use ‘localhost’ instead, it will not work otherwise. Maybe that should be mentioned in the install guide.

No my real Question: My Admin wants do deactivate a user, but does not have this option under “Main Menu - Manage Members”. There’s only “Make Team Admin”, nothing more to do here. What am i missing?


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Hi @Kalimero

Happy to hear that Mattermost is working great for you guys!

To answer your question, you can deactivate users using the System Console.

Oh man, found it. Even though it is really not that easy to find I think. But if you know how, it’s straight forward. But I guess the documentation does not mention the steps required. It says it is where I searched for it in the first place. Maybe that has to be redone.

Thanks for the hint!

Hi @Kalimero and @elias, how are you?

I’m stuck in the same place that Kalimero was: My “Main Menu - Manage Members” doesn’t provide any other option than “Make Team Admin”. But the difference is… that I can’t find the way to make users inactive using the System Console!

Where is the make inactive option inside the System Console?

Would it help you if I upload a screen capture of my system console? (Mattermost 3.0.3 - CentOS 6)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @leonardobertolo

If im not mistaken you need to add the Team using the + sign and the under users you have a list of users of that team, then u can make them inactive.


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Hi @elias
I worked as you said, you’re awesome! Thank you very much!

Question: why isn’t showing for us the “Make Inactive” option through the “Main Menu - Manage Members”?

Suggestion: add to the official documentation (Common tasks) this great alternative solution you provided me :slight_smile:

Glad it helped.

I told the team to please update the docs as your suggesting.

Thanks for bringing this up.