Mark all messages read in a channel or team

It would be convenient to have a way to mark all messages in a channel “read” so they don’t appear as waiting, and the new message notification badge goes away. I subscribe to a lot of channels in a lot of teams (thanks for the nice product!), and if I go away for a few days, there are lots of messages in many of them. It would be convenient to mark them all read, get rid of the notification of unread messages, and start fresh. I swear I’ll go back and read the old messages;) That way, new messages will be truly “new” and the notification will mean something other than I’m slacking off. The Thunderbird mailer has such a feature, that allows you to " Mark folder read" as do other mailers (Roundcube, e.g.) for similar reasons

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Hi @haggerty and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

You can do that in the channel menu on a per-channel basis: