Mattemost Dual app ( like skype)

Hi Support,

May I know if mattermost is supported for Dual login in desktop application? Just like a skype we have dual login

please help us to confirm if this is possible in Mattermost

Thank you

Hi @GGC and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

If you want to login to the same server using different credentials then I’m afraid this is not possible, since the desktop app is actually just an electron based app and uses (like your browser) cookies for storing authenticated sessions so a second connection to the same server profile will re-use the existing cookies.

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Hi Support,

Noted on this, thank you

You’re welcome!
Just to be clear: I’m not working for Mattermost, just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi @agriesser

How about I want to integrate onedrive/sharepoint in Mattermost is it possible?