Mattermost-desktop Ubuntu 18.04 tons of [AppIndicatorSupport-FATAL] errors


In /var/log/syslog, I see tons of these errors, several per second and notice screen blinking and video playback is choppy:
gnome-shell[2295]: [AppIndicatorSupport-FATAL] unable to lookup icon for Mattermost1_219

Steps to reproduce

Not sure… does not happen on another desktop I use that’s nearly identical

Expected behavior

Not filling syslog

Observed behavior

I noticed today that the issue went away after seeing this in syslog:
The GPU process has crached (killed = false)
note: the type ‘crached’ appears in the log. Maybe useful to grep for?

The desktop client still runs fine, but the mattermost desktop client icon at the top of my screen is gone (which is fine with me). I have two servers set up in the client… one local and one Slack. I’d like to either fix this somehow, or just prevent this process that crashed form starting in the first place. I’ve googled and tried various things but no luck so far.

Hi @batrams,

Are these log errors from Mattermost logs?

Thanks for the reply. No they are in /var/log/syslog