[SOLVED] Occasional "black app" from Mattermost desktop app on Linux

Hey all,

Occasionally (on multiple Linux systems; Fedora, Ubuntu, etc. - I have a few), I’ve observed Mattermost “hung” on the system and had to kill the PID. Upon attempting to re-open, the application refuses to re-open properly and usually looks like this:


This particular system was on v4.0.0 client, and so I upgraded it to v4.0.1 though the same outcome happens.
In the past, if I completely log out and log back in (GDM/gnome), things return to normal.

Is there a “cache” to clear maybe for Mattermost that might unblock the issue?

unsure if it’s safe to delete/muck with this stuff

$ pwd
$ ll
total 56
-rw-------+ 1 mcallaghan Domain Users   45056 Apr 11 09:43 data_0
-rw-------+ 1 mcallaghan Domain Users  270336 Apr 11 09:48 data_1
-rw-------+ 1 mcallaghan Domain Users 1056768 Apr 11 09:43 data_2
-rw-------+ 1 mcallaghan Domain Users    8192 Apr 11 09:42 data_3
-rw-------+ 1 mcallaghan Domain Users  262512 Apr 11 09:43 index

Hi @fermulator,

Is the “window frame” working (such as move, resize, minimize)? If it’s true, probably there is some problem in GPU hardware acceleration. Please try adding a command line option, --disable-gpu.

The GPU hardware acceleration will be disabled by default since future v4.1.0 release.

good idea, will try that next time

workaround = --disable-gpu - super annoying

Confirmation that GPU acceleration is broken on the system:

Submitted enhancement to make this suck less: