MatterMost Enterprise Upgrade Path from 5.20.0

Hello all! I’ve tried my best to find a best upgrade path from 5.20.0 on RHEL, but I’ve only gotten as far as upgrading to 5.37.10 first.

Does anyone have a definitive upgrade path document that I can reference?


You need to update to the next available ESR release. 5.37 → 6.3 → 7.1 → 7.8 → 8.1 → 9.5

Thanks a million for your response! I’ll incorporate this into my planning!

So to clarify, I need to upgrade to each consecutive ESR release before upgrading to 9.5, correct?

Correct. You want to update to the first ESR, then ESR to ESR until you are current.

Thanks a million! I’ll give it a shot and go from there.