Upgrade from v7.1.3 ESR to latest ESR


I am currently running Mattermost server v7.1.3 ESR and I would like to upgrade to the next ESR, which appears to be v7.8.5 when I post this message (according to this link : Extended Support Release — Mattermost documentation).

My question is : is there a specific upgrade path between these two versions ?

I read all the Important Upgrade Notes — Mattermost documentation page, there are lots of good explanations, but it does not clearly explain how to move from a version to another one.

Maybe it would be great if it was the case? The Extended Support Release — Mattermost documentation page indicates that “There will be a clear upgrade path provided between ESR versions”, but I can’t find it.

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Hi @Luca6799,

it was also not clear to me when I did my first upgrades some time ago, so the documentation definitely could use some more clear wording on that I guess.
To answer your question: You can upgrade directly to the desired ESR release, no intermediate steps necessary. If an intermediate step is required (like when upgrading from 5.x to 7.x directly), it is mentioned in the important upgrade notes, but unless you read otherwise, you can always upgrade directly to the target version without intermediate steps.

Please read the important upgrade notes back to the version you’re currently running on, there are several things to consider and some downtime probably needs to be planned for the database migration to happen. The smaller the upgrade steps, the shorter the downtime for every single upgrade, so it might be feasible to run the upgrade in multiple steps if downtime is an issue.

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Hello @agriesser,

Thank you for your answer.

I agree, sometimes I have some doubt on how to upgrade according to the version I am currently running. But now that you clarified it, it will be easier for me to understand how to proceed.

And yes, I will read the important upgrade notes carefully and plan some downtime in order to have enough time for the database migration. Thanks for the advice!

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Alright, let us know if you have any issues during the upgrade and we’ll try to help.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve opened a pull request to clarify the docs: Update extended-support-release.rst by amyblais · Pull Request #6428 · mattermost/docs · GitHub.

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