Mattermost interface requirement

Do we discuss about Mattermost desktop app interface changes or requirements here?

Hello, @leosimony

Yes, we can discuss about them here since the Mattermost Forum is open to pretty much everything. Can you share some of the changes or requirements that you have on your end so we can talk about them here?

You can also post them up in the Mattermost Uservoice platform for ideas too.

Hello @ahmaddanial
Thank you for your reply. In our concern, they are looking for a interface modification possibility like,
We all know that Mattermost interface shows the Channel names in the left side bar. We have been thinking that, the users in that channel should be listed in the left side bar under that particular channel name with a Expand/Collape icon/button. If we expand, we should know the user’s status as offline/available etc.

@leosimony Currently you can see list of users and their status when you click the “Members” button in the channel header. You can share any feature requests here:

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