Mattermost not loading in web interface


I have almost completed installing Mattermost on my VPS. Completed steps until 11th point and got a HTML return. But the URL(IP address:8056) keeps loading forever. Can anyone help me to find a solution for this?

Manoj Kumar

Hi there, @sparxia

First things first, I believe that the URL that you should be pointing to should be localhost:8065, just in case we miss out on that small detail.

If that one checks out, let us have a look at the following to start troubleshooting the loading problem. Can you refresh the page to reproduce the issue and see if there are any log entries in the following files?

  • mattermost.log
  • nginx.log
  • Developer tools


If there are any, can you please attach it here so we can understand the issue better?

Do you also happen to observe this behavior on the desktop client as well?