Mattermost Omnibus OVH Installation fail

Hi, might be a noob question but haven’t found answer here.

I’m installing Mattermost with Omnibus deployment method, according to MM documentation.
I’m installing it on single VPS on Ubuntu 18.04 hosted on OVH

I keep getting message that Omnibus configuration failed. I believe it is due to wrong domain address that I provide? What is the correct domain address I need to put in? Is it my vps address, or domain name i’ve changed it to, or the IP address? Or is it too many NGINX certificated for domain? What is the workaround?

Hi Filip and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

You’re being prompted for a FQDN during installation of the Omnibus package and it seems as if the name you chose here ends with and Let’s encrypt limits the number of certificates it allows per domain, so as you can see in the error message, you can either wait and try again or you choose a different domain name during installation. Do you have your own domain? If so, you could point it to the IP address of your OVH server and that should work out well then.