Mattermost on Windows Phone


I already searched for this topic, but I didn’t found an answer - neither here in the forum nor in the web.

Is it possible to run mattermost on windows phone? I have an old Lumia 925 and I know that windows support is ran off, but I won’t change my phone as long as it works for normal communication (question of ressources etc.).

In the store, I didn’t find mattermost. So I tried to download the windows version on my mobile. But this didn’t work. I get a message that it is an unknown file type, which is not support.

Do you have experiences or tipps how I can use mattermost on my windows phone anyway??

Thank you very much!

Hi @LumiaUser, I’m not sure if we support windows phone. Here is more information on what devices we support:

There is no native windows phone app. Only Android or iOS. You may use it with a browser that is available on the store.


thanks for your answer. I tried it with a browser, it generally works now. But I have a big problem with it: I can’t scroll down. I just have a certain screen (the messages are also cut at the side, but to read them I can turn my mobile so there is more space and I get the whole message). But without scrolling, I only see the last 1-3 messages, so I can’t follow the whole discussion.

Also, in the menu, I can’t scroll to the channels, which are far below.

Do you know this problem? What can I do to make it work?

Thanks a lot!


Which browser are you using? The inbuild from Microsoft? Perhaps you can try another browser that is available in the store: