Mattermost Verison Upate

Hi everyone,

I setup a MM on digitalocean and the version 5.16.3. Im not very technical and so I’m not sure how to update the server. I could really use some assistance on how to do this.

Yes I saw this but it looked complicated and a bit over my head.

Do you have a deadline by when it should be upgrade?

I could help you, but only on Monday/Tuesday

Thank you, I’d certainly appreciate it. Last night after taking a snapshot and a few trial and errors I was able to update it to 6.0.1.

My only two issues that I can see right now that I still need help with is that when I log in there is a green preview banner about email notifications… its turned off. This makes me think its in some kind of preview mode.

Second issue is that if the server reboots… I have to start MatterMost manually with a command as opposed to starting on its own.

If I could figure out these two issues I think I would be good.

go here Installing Mattermost on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS — Mattermost documentation and scroll down to point 10 ( 10. Setup Mattermost to use systemd for starting and stopping.)

i think you email smtp is not set up or incorrectly setup

Okay, I think I got this after following the instructions. lol. Thank you

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This should be setup now thank you. We will see if it works when I have to reboot. Might try this late at night when everyone is sleeping lol.

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