messages do not load after migration

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Hi I migrated Mattermost from one docker container to another and followed this guide: Migration guide — Mattermost documentation

Now the messages are not loading, although they are visible in the conversations tab they are not displayed in chat.
Also when I click on menu on the top left and then also Channels I get the message that I should join a team although I am in the teams also when I create a new team and repeat the process the same error occurs.

Observed behavior
What did you observe? Please attach relevant error messages and/or screenshots.

Hi atakan, welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

If you haven’t been able to solve this issue on your own in the last two weeks, can you please provide some more details?
Are both server versions identical or did you try to upgrade the installation with this method?
What’s the reason you’re trying to migrate here?
Did you receive any errors when following the migration guide?
Could you please post the exact steps you used during your migration instead of pointing us to the documentation?