Messages not refreshing in Linux App


From version 3.4 to 3.6: Messages do not refresh automatically if I have the app open in a channel. I have to move to another channel and come back to see the new messages.

Steps to reproduce

Using Docker, upgraded to version 3.6 from 3.4. Mattermost is sitting behind a reverse proxy nginx. Previously everything was working.
Now, from time to time, messages do not refresh automatically, specially those posted by incoming webhooks.
The app is open for several hours at a time (if that has any bearing)

Expected behavior

Channel should show new messages and corresponding notifications

Observed behavior

Didn’t see anything in the UI (maybe there is something that I can activate to show some info if connection is broken?) unless I move from one channel to another.

Perhaps you can try this solution from when I hit very similar symptoms on an upgrade to 3.6?

I enabled DEBUG in the logs and what I’m getting is this “unexpected EOF”:

[2017/02/21 14:25:12 EST] [DEBG] closing websocket for userId=y8wsrxifb7rgzbgyzwghhab9jo error=websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF

ha! That seems to work.
I’m behind a reverse proxy, so maybe it’s because of the difference in “hosts” names (from external host name to internal docker host, including different protocol: https external, internal is just http)
The weird thing is that this was working fine (with the URL set) in version 3.4

Update: False alarm. Issue still there. It seems like it worked but today, the message from an incoming webhook was not highlighted or notified as a new message in a channel. And I know to look for it, because it always posts at around the same time every day. So no fix yet (I’m restoring the URL so that we can have batch emails again). Perhaps it has to do with that kind of messages? (posted by incoming webhooks)


We had a bug where if the webhook creator leaves the channel bot messages are sent to, the messages don’t appear until channel refresh if you’re already viewing it.

Wondering if that’s the issue you’re facing?

If so, that will be fixed in Mattermost 3.7, which will be released on March 16th

Yes! That’s exactly what’s going on @jasonblais. I notice other bots were posting with no problem. But the web hook this bot posts to, the creator, is no longer in those channels
I guess I could create the web hook again with a different user in the mean time

Glad to hear @ngcnelson!

And you’re correct, I think the workaround is to either have the webhook creator join the channel or re-create the webhook until Mattermost 3.7 is released on the 16th of March.