MFA QR Code + Secret not appearing

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MFA QR Code + Secret not appearing after turning on MFA - Note, using NGINX with Mattermost

Steps to reproduce

Turn on MFA and try to login

Expected behavior

Would expect a QR code and secret to appear

Observed behavior

Step 2: Use Google Authenticator to scan this QR code, or manually type in the secret key
An empty box appears and nothing after Secret

Hi @jcr,

Thanks for your feedback,

Could you share which server version of Mattermost you have installed as well as whether this is on the browser, desktop app or mobile?


Hi Lindy, its Mattermost Enterprise Edition Version 4.7.1. We are getting the issue on all platforms

Thanks @jcr,

I’m not able to reproduce your issue on our nightly build server running off the latest master.

Can you try to reproduce the issue on your set-up on the above server?

Also, perhaps upgrading to the latest version will resolve the issue for you…

If this doesn’t work, we can ask the engineers for help as it might be related to NGINX…

Hi Lindy, thanks for getting back to me. It is definitely related to NGINX, I put it into learning mode and the issue disappeared, so it looks like NGINX is blocking it in some way. Would your engineers know a way around this?

Hi @jcr,

I’ve asked our engineers for their thoughts / assistance on your issue…

Hopefully have feedback for you later today…

Hi @jcr,

To further troubleshoot this report, can you help provide the following from around the time the issue occurs:

  1. console.log output
  2. the developers tools network tab output
  3. the nginx configuration.

Hi @jcr Following up on this - has this been resolved or do you need further assistance with this? If you need further assistance, we will get one of our engineers to take a further look.


This is resolved, it was an nginx issue