MM iOS Stuck on Opening/Loading?

Hi all,

MM Server: 5.12.3
MM Client: 1.20.1
iOS Firmware: 12.3.1

I tried to use this afternoon on my iPhone XS and the app just stood stuck.

It didn’t display “Now Loading” or “No connection”. It just stayed stuck like that.

It was on 4G and it seems I had normal internet.


Hi @RbDev

Sorry, I’m not able to reproduce this on server v5.12.3 app version 1.21.0 build 206

However, verifying that there definitely seems to be a “connection” issue when logging in to a v5.12.3 server as after trying to reproduce your issue here, and going back to the app to try to reproduce this current issue (I did not log out and back in, just opened the lock screen on my device), I got the grey notification bar “Connecting…” and trying to post a message results in the “i” to the right of the post.

The device does connect in about 4 minutes and then gives the notification “Refreshing messages failed. Pull up to try again”. If I then tap the “i” to the right of the post and then “try again” the message posts successfully.

I’m thinking that this current issue could be related to your issue here where the device doesn’t connect once you’ve logged in (but doesn’t give any notification either that you’re not connected)

I have same issue on my IPhone 6s, following are specifications and screenshot:

MM Server: 5.22.0, Build Hash 64922547a34fed47c045cc14273a8f86f0c1b9fa
MM Client: 1.30.1
iOS Sofware Version: 13.3.1

The problem happens once a week or once in two weeks, and I just keep reinstalling and asking people to send me messages. After enough tries, after I click on notification on my phone, application opens and everything works fine.

Hello, @aleksa.todorovic @RbDev

Can I please check if you have the ExperimentalPrimaryTeam configuration enabled in config.json? The easiest way to check is to run the following command and share the result.

ahmaddanial@mattermost:~$ cat /opt/mattermost/config/config.json | grep "ExperimentalPrimaryTeam"
        "ExperimentalPrimaryTeam": "",

This could be one of the reason behind this issue. If you have any, can you please disable it by leaving the field blank similar to the setting I have above?

Additionally, may I know if you belong to any teams that were archived / deleted from the instance?

Hi @ahmaddanial,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Indeed, I do have “ExperimentalPrimaryTeam” set to the name of our main team. I’ve disabled it, and will see if issue happens again.

As of your other question, I am not member of any archived/deleted team (or at least, I am not aware - how can I check that).

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We also released v1.31.1 to fix a crash issue, perhaps you can upgrade to see if it fixes the issue you’re experiencing.


Hi, @aleksa.todorovic

While you cannot check for deleted teams since they are removed completely from the system, you can actually run the following SQL query (if you have access to the backend database) to pull the information of the teams and channels that you belong to (archived and active):

SELECT DISTINCT u.Username, t.DisplayName AS TeamName, c.DisplayName AS ChannelName, cm.SchemeUser AS User, cm.SchemeAdmin AS Admin FROM ChannelMembers AS cm JOIN Channels AS c ON (cm.ChannelId=c.Id) JOIN Users AS u ON (cm.UserId=u.Id) JOIN Teams AS t ON (c.TeamId=t.Id) WHERE u.Username = "<username>";

Replace the parameter with your username in Mattermost.

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