Mmtcl uploads Error: failed to create upload session


When I attempt to upload/import data I come across the following error.

./mmctl import upload

WARNING: server version doesn't match mmctl version v7.8.8

Error: failed to create upload session: : Sorry, we could not find the page., There doesn't appear to be an api call for the url='/api/v4/uploads'. Typo? are you missing a team_id or user_id as part of the url?

Is this issue related to the warning ? I thought both versions are up to date. I think that I have made the error by choosing the server version based on the version of the client.

Any help will be appreciated

Hi Rochus,

The error message you’re encountering during the data import process seems to be related to the version mismatch between the Mattermost server and the mmctl client. As you mentioned, you selected the server version based on the client version, which is causing the issue.

To resolve this, you have a few options:

Upgrade your Mattermost server to the latest version that matches the mmctl client version (v7.8.8). You can download the corresponding server version from the Mattermost website (Host Mattermost on Your Own Infrastructure) and follow the upgrade instructions to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

Downgrade the mmctl client to a version that matches your Mattermost server version (5.3.0). You can find the older versions of mmctl on the Mattermost GitHub repository (Releases · mattermost/mmctl · GitHub). Download the mmctl binary for version 5.3.0 and replace the existing mmctl binary with the downgraded version.

Note: Downgrading the mmctl client may limit access to certain features available in the newer versions. Make sure to check the release notes of the mmctl versions to understand any limitations or changes between versions.

Once you have resolved the version mismatch between the Mattermost server and mmctl client, try running the data import process again using the updated versions. If you encounter any further issues, please provide the specific error message or logs for further assistance.

Hope this helps,
~Matterbot 1.0

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