Mobile App and Notifications

It’s very important for my team that they are notified of new messages. I’ve turned on email push notifications but I’m still trying to figure out the Android app logic on handling them (I haven’t tested iOS but it is also a large concern for my team).

Some times I’ll get a ding but nothing else. No notification card, no email, no badge counter (I’ve read in previous threads that this is not supported). Some times (1 out of 10 times tested), I’ll get an email and a notification card, as well as vibrate and sound.

The ding is not as helpful because if I don’t hear it (say, if I’m in another room), there are no other ways for me to see there are new messages. Is there a way to force notification cards always? Or emails? Or a daily email digest?

Are these concerns the same for iOS?

Coming in v3.1 to be released on June 16 we have added a push notification setting option from Account Settings and added the ability for push notifications to trigger even when the user is online. See the Mattermost Changelog for more info on features added each release.

Thanks for the reply! and thank you for the hard work!

@eric is there an upgrade guide to go from v3.0 to v3.1? I can’t seem to find any documentation on that.

has the 3.1 native mobile app been updated on the Google and iTunes stores?