Mobile version showing blank groups

This is something I’ve noticed on my phone and it’s really annoying. Archived channels will sometimes appear on my phone when I’m searching for a channel name (but not on desktop).

Re “channels in question” do you mean ones that are giving me the connection problems (that’s all of them–even DM channels!) or archived ones?

Here’s an archived channel that shows up on my phone:

When searching for "bra"vo on desktop, I don’t see anything:

When I go to this channel on mobile, I see:

I tried sharing the link and opened on my desktop machine, but when I open in my browser, it just defaults to the “random” public channel.

BTW, we only have 25 people on MM, that with a pretty distributed team where half those people aren’t online at the same time. It’s worth nothing I’m on Android and those on my team on iPhone are not having these issues.

I verified on the web, the desktop and mobile that my search results always include archived channels (in a different sorting order, but still), so I would assume that it’s OK that they also show up in the search results on your phone. If the same search returns different results when invoked multiple times, that’s a whole different story then. Is this the case?

This is very interesting, that means that either the link is wrong or you should not have access to this channel at all, although there should be a different error message then. At the end of the link you should see an ID - can you post it here so we can check if this ID is part of your logs? Also when you search for this channel in the web version and open it, is the link different to the one you copied out from mobile?

Thanks for the context with regards to seemingly only Android being affected!

Yes, see above. Searching for “bra” (from Bravo), returns an archived result on Mobile, but nothing in the app. I also just confirmed it returns nothing in the browser:

So, to summarize, searching for “bra”, returns a result on mobile, but not on desktop or web.

Are you still a member of this channel or did you leave it before/after it was archived? There might a caching issue on the mobile app. I’m unsure what the expected result is here, is the mobile app right (as in you should be able to find it, because the archived channel is still available and you’re still a member of it) or are the other apps right, because none of this conditions apply? Can you check out the channel in your system console, does it still exist and have members and are you one of them?