New Mattermost mailing lists

For technical questions and answers, please continue to use this forum so materials can be indexed by web search engines and be available to the broader community.

For Mattermost users seeking an email option we have setup the following mailing lists:

Mattermost Users Mailing List
For general, open-ended questions and software announcements.

Mattermost Developers Mailing List
For developer discussions about contributing to Mattermost.

hrm wouldn’t it make it difficult to track the informations? Do you plan to repost hhere the discussion on the ml? Why not simply using the email options of this forum?

Hi @benoitc,

It’s a good question. While it’s more work for the community team, we want to make it as easy as possible for users to communicate and keep in touch.

For announcements from the product team they’d go out via at least this forum, Twitter, and the Mattermost Users Mailing List.

Discourse works very well as a mailing list. It even has a “mailing list mode” for people who want to strictly participate via e-mail, or they can Watch a specific category of interest.

I noticed your two mailing lists have seen very little traffic. I admire your efforts to make yourselves easily available - really, it’s wonderful - but if you end up with too many channels some of them will go unmaintained and cause users more distress than good.

If there’s something Google Groups still does better than Discourse, I welcome you to make a feature request about it on

Thanks @erlend_sh, would love to simplify, is there a forum you’ve seen with Discourse that does the mailing list mode option well?

[quote=“it33, post:5, topic:183”]
is there a forum you’ve seen with Discourse that does the mailing list mode option well?
[/quote]Yes. Our top example is probably the Chef community, which was migrated off of a mailing list:

I know the Mozilla Community also has to cater to a lot of users who prefer the mailing list workflow.

We’re also planning to make mailing list subscriptions more granular:

In addition to that we now make it really easy for users to email in private messages to a Discourse instance:

The gist of it is, you can tell users who’d prefer not to sign up to send an email to, and this email will be set up to create private messages sent to the @team group, which you can reply to from within Discourse. There’s no tutorial for it yet but feel free to ping me if you’d like some help setting it up.

Thanks @erlend_sh! We actually have stopped using the public mailing lists since Discourse seems to be working really well (we only ever had a couple of people post to the list, it didn’t seem worth the maintenance),

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