Not able to see changes

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I’m trying to add Mixpanel to my local mattermost, but I can’t see any change I do in the code. I’m starting with a console log.

Steps to reproduce

I’m adding fmt.Println(“Hello”) in the line 1378 of the file platform/model/client.go

Expected behavior

See a console log or something when I create a post

Observed behavior

Nothing happens…

I’m using docker, and everytime I make a change on the code and do “make stop” and then “make run” (I do this hoping that I will see some change), everything breaks and I have to erase all my changes and leave the code as I download it and do “make clean” and then “make run” so that I can run again.

I even change a message on the file platform/webapp/i18n/en.json, I changed “I forgot my password” to “Hello” and I couldn’t see it. I keeps showing “I forgot my password”.

What am I missing?

I’m using OS X El capitan 10.11.6 and Docker Version 17.03.1-ce-mac5 (16048)

Hey @mariagandica,

Have you tried using the JavaScript client:

Has anyone found solution for this? I am seeing the same issue.