Omnibus install: need to run Bleve index manually

Bleve doesn’t index by itself, and I see no documentation about cronjobs, so I have to index myself in System Console daily.

Steps to reproduce
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)

Expected behavior
To be ran by itself

You should not need to do that, once Bleve is enabled, it automatically adds new posts to the index (see the corresponding text in the system console → Bleve Section).

It’s only necessary to run the index creation once, all delta changes will be added as soon as the index is there.

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I had indexing turned on as shown in your screenshot, but results still weren’t current and weren’t updating by itself, unless I ran the index myself periodically…
Any ideas?

Can you please try to purge all Bleve indices and then run a new full indexing manually again? A periodic reindex will not recreate the index I guess but only add on top of it and maybe something is wrong with your current index.