Сonfigure jira plugin notifications

Good afternoon, can you tell me what is the cause of the problem, if when connecting the jira plugin, all the specified notifications are not sent, for example, a worklog. 10X

Hi @LizaKars and welcome to the Mattermost forums! What do you mean with 10X? Are worklogs sent 10 times?
I’m not sure if worklogs are being sent to Mattermost at all, you would have to login to your Jira admin interface and in System → Advanced → WebHooks you should see the webhook created by the integration.


In my case, worklogs for all issues will be sent, please check your settings.
Also make sure that the Jira server is able to connect to the Mattermost server URL in order to sent the webhooks - ideally you could verify that on the commandline of your Jira server using a simple curl https://yourmattermost.tld call.