Pasting a hyperlink into an edit replaces all message

Copying a hyperlink (e.g. from a previous message) and pasting it into the edit of another message replaces all of the edited message with the markdown link pasted.

Steps to reproduce
Using Mattermost Version: 7.10.5

  1. Send a message containing a URL e.g. testing
  2. Right click on the link in the message sent and choose “Copy”
  3. Send a plain text message e.g. testing
  4. Press up to edit the last message
  5. Press space then paste
  6. Observe the whole message is replaced with the (markdown for the) link pasted e.g. [](
  7. Press space (this prevents the old message from coming back)
  8. Press Cancel
  9. Press up again
  10. Observe the link is still there and the old message is lost i.e. [](

Expected behavior
At step 6. I do not expect the existing message testing to be removed. At step 10 I expect the old message to be still there since I pressed Cancel.

Observed behavior
See step 6 and step 10 above.

Is anyone looking at this? The issue is rather annoying.

Heya Graeme,

Apologies for the delayed response here, and thanks for reaching out and providing such a detailed description of the issue. That’s certainly unusual, and it’s not the expected behavior when editing a message with a hyperlink.

I’m sorry to hear about the inconvenience this issue may have caused as well. I want to assure you that we take all feedback seriously and rely on it to improve our platform.

I’m going to escalate this issue to our developers for review. In the meantime, if you encounter any other irregularities or have further questions and discussions.

~John :medal_military: