How can i disable the custom link option in the editor?

How can i disable the custom link option in the editor
that looks like


I dont like that users could “fake” the target.
Also, and thats actually more important: if you copy a link from a website
it COULD be that the pasted and sent link
is a formatted link that shows a fake target.

I only could find an option to disable chat formatting completely
on client side.

I would like to disable the link highlighting (clickable links) and everything else about links
to show plain text link

Is this possible?
Perhaps with config or plugins?

AFAIK, there’s no way to disable post formatting server wide and there’s also no way to disable the markdown for links and I’m also not aware of a plugin to do that, sorry.

Thats very unfortunate.
Can we request such a (IMO security) feature,
and would it be implemented “soon” (like in month, not years) ?

You can suggest this feature either in Mattermost’s Productboard or on the GitHub repository.

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