Periodic update of channel header?

UPDATE: UserVoice added:

Starting this question here, so I’m not sure if it already supports this or not… If the result is no, then ill gather some feedback and potentially submit as a feature request.

Problem: My team uses one channel per project, and we work a number of projects… Each have their own build process. To keep the team abreast of the build status for each project, we’ve added a badge/shield to the channel header. The problem is that most team members work on one project almost exclusively, so they do not have a need to navigate through other channels throughout the day. Without navigating elsewhere, the channel header doesn’t appear to refresh at any interval… as such, the build badge/shield image never updates! Is this something that is already supported and I’m missing something, or is this a non-existent capability?

Thanks for your feedback!

Hmm… interesting scenario, I don’t think this is supported today.

It’s a little weird, it’s like you’d want to set some sort of refresh interval on just the header. I can totally see why though.

It could be expensive to implement, since you could be refreshing a lot of other non-badge stuff when you don’t need to…

Maybe nominate this as a feature idea and see how the upvotes go?

Thanks for your quick response!

Absolutely agree that it could be expensive… Nevertheless the implementation would be trivial, including the addition of a channel setting (Poll for Updates) within the “Set Channel Header” dialog. I’ve found many other applications have this sort of capability for pages that might remain open for long periods of time. I’ll throw in a feature idea!

Thanks @shieldsjared,

Screenshots or references to how other applications do it could help a lot, appreciate your help looking into this,