[SOLVED] Message of the Day (MOTD)

We have several teams at work and each channel in the team has a specific purpose. It would be ideal if we could set a time at which a recurring message of the day would be posted. We would include links to resources as well as recent news for people who have been out of the office and are returning.

It would be like and extension to the header and purpose sections. Make an MOTD in a new section and set the time for it to be posted each day.

Hi @liam.ross,

Thanks for your idea! I like it! :slight_smile:

Could we have your help adding it to our feature idea forum where you, and others, have up to 10 votes to up-vote the suggestion and increase it’s popularity?

The more popular a feature suggestion is, the more chance it has of ending up on the product roadmap.

Thanks again!

@lindy65, thanks for the support, I posted the idea there so hopefully it will gain some traction. I appreciate the heads-up on that area of the site :slight_smile:

Pleasure @liam.ross!

Could I have your help posting back the link to your suggestion on the feature idea forum so people following this thread know where to up-vote it?


I’ll close this off for now but feel free to come back with questions any time :slight_smile:

Sure… here is the link to my feature request/idea.

Thanks @liam.ross! Appreciated :slight_smile: